Historical Dates
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Sep 08, 1939

Varsity Theatre - Honolulu, Hawaii
Varsity Theatre opened at the corner of University Avenue and Coyne Street. The 900 seat theatre was designed by C.W. Dickey. Sadly, the theatre was closed in 2007 and demolished in 2009.

Sep 10, 1948

Tripler Army Medical Center
Tripler Army Medical Center opened in Moanalua, O'ahu. Painted bright pink, the hospital has become an O'ahu landmark.

Sep 13, 1930

Kamehameha Schools
Kamehameha Schools completed and dedicated its new Kapalama Heights campus. The 7 new buildings cost $1,360,000, and were originally for the girl students only. The boys would follow in the next decade.

Sep 15, 1955

Alfred Apaka Show
The Alfred Apaka Show opened with the original cast in the Tapa Room of the new Kaiser Hawaiian Village Hotel.

Sep 30, 1930

Alexander and Baldwin Building
The Alexander and Baldwin Building (A&B) had its grand opening, just 29 days before the Stock Market Crash. The 57,000 square foot building cost $1,241,947 and still stands on Bishop Street in downtown Honolulu.

Sep 30, 1883

1st Mongoose in Hawaii
1st shipment of Mongoose arrived in Hawaii. 11 cases, 72 mongoose, in pairs. Jonathan Tucker brought them from Jamaica to control Hawaii's outbreak of rats, not realizing that mongoose are day timers, while rats are nocturnal, so the experiment failed, but the mongoose spread, and unfortunately preyed on other native species.

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