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Territorial Airwaves ID Liner - Jay Larrin

Jay Larrin arrived in Hawaii in the 1970s from the mainland US, and quickly became one of Hawaii's favorite entertainers. His country wit and humor, coupled with his easy going style and pleasing performances gained him increasing attention in Waikiki's finer lounges. But when he recorded his own compositions, featuring his piano and vocals, he cemented his place in Hawaii's music history. For example, Jay penned his classic, "The Snows of Mauna Kea", which left Hawaii's entertainers wondering why they had never stopped to create a tune in honor of the majestic mountain's beauty.

Released on: 08-25-2007

Territorial Airwaves ID Liner - Kuana Torres

Kuana Torres is the guitarist for "Na Palapalai" and is also from Hilo, Hawaii. Also a talented composer, Kuana's powerful falsetto voice is capable of reaching incredible heights with both power and grace. An accomplished guitarist, he and the other members of "Na Palapalai" are often recruited to perform for halau at the annual Merrie Monarch Hula Festival in Hilo, Hawaii..

Released on: 08-25-2007

Territorial Airwaves ID Liner - Kehau Tamure

Kehau Tamure of the 'ultimate Hawaiian falsetto trio', "Na Palapalai" is a gifted song writer, but is known most for a sizzling ukulele, clearly the fastest ukulele strum in the Hawaiian Islands. Kehau, from Hilo, always stands in the center on stage, between Keao and Kuana. All of the members of "Na Palapalai" travel as a trio and separately, performing in locales from Japan to Paris, and Tahiti to Hilo.

Released on: 08-25-2007

Territorial Airwaves ID Liner - Keao Costa

Keao Costa of the popular Hawaiian falsetto trio, "Na Palapalai" is an old friend.
When still a solo act, he sang as part of the entertainment for the 1st Japan tour that both he and Harry B. Soria, Jr. ever went on.
"Na Palapalai" has released several CDs, and has won multiple Hoku Awards.
Keao plays the stand up bass and the product of Anianiku in Papakolea, O'ahu, has a beautifully trained falsetto voice.
Harry B. says that these three young vocalists embody voices from Hawaii's past, and we are the lucky ones who can enjoy their harmony in this century.

Released on: 08-25-2007

Territorial Airwaves ID Liner - Ku'uipo Kumukahi

Ku'uipo Kumukahi arrived from the Big Island in the 1980s and quickly made her mark as a female vocalist in the Hawaiian language. With a powerful contralto voice reminiscent of the legendary Haunani Kahalewai, Ku'uipo has been awarded Hoku Awards for her recorded offerings.

Released on: 07-19-2007

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