Territorial Airwaves - "Home At Hanalei" - 3/16/2012

Hanalei is the name of the valley with high mountains and a river that carves a long course to the coastal plain, emptying into the sea at Hanalei Bay, which glistens like a jewel on Kauai’s northern coast.

The Birkmyre Estate was used as the French Planter’s home in the 1957 movie, “South Pacific”.

The Hanalei Plantation Hotel was later built on the site.

The “House of Happy Talk” at the Hanalei Plantation Hotel always featured memorable Hawaiian music.

Join us now for “Home At Hanalei”, as we share memorable recordings by Kaua’i’s musicians!

This week's playlist:

1- Waiulu – The Torchlighters
2- Ka Ua Loku – Maka Trio
3- Nani Kauai – Maka Trio
4- Na Molokama – Maka Trio
5- Ku’u Home – Maka Trio
6- My Sweet Gardenia Lei – Maka Trio
7- Hanohano Hanalei – Holoholo Trio
8- Naka Pueo Kahi – Holoholo Trio
9- That’s The Hawaiian In Me – Holoholo Trio
10- Hukilau/I Got Hooked At A Hukilau – Holoholo Trio
11- Tom Dooley Goes Hawaiian – Holoholo Trio
12- Kapua E – Holoholo Trio

Length: 54:23
Released on: 03-16-2012
Artist/Compiled by: Hanalei Plantation Hotel musicians

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