Territorial Airwaves - "Slack Sax" - 3/09/2012

Adolphe Sax of Belgium invented the saxophone in Paris in 1842.

Adolphe Sax then re-tooled the military bad format by replacing the oboe, bassoons, and French horns, with saxophones, producing a more homogenous sound.

American musicians had picked up the sax by 1896.

In Hawaii, Johnny Noble’s Moana Hotel Orchestra incorporated the sax in Hawaiian music in 1920.

By the 1930s, Hawaiian bands featured the saxophone on every island.

Join us now for “Slack Sax”, as we share a memorable 1984 recording in tribute to Hawaii’s love of the saxophone!

This week's playlist:

1- Na Ali’i – Slack Sax Orchestra
2- Hula Blues - Slack Sax Orchestra
3- He Mana’o Kou I’a Oe - Slack Sax Orchestra
4- Niu Haohao - Slack Sax Orchestra
5- Lepe Ulaula - Slack Sax Orchestra
6- Eleu Mikimiki - Slack Sax Orchestra
7- Hanalei Moon - Slack Sax Orchestra
8- Waimanalo Blues – Slack Sax Orchestra
9- E Ku’u Morning Dew - Slack Sax Orchestra
10- A Hamakua Au - Slack Sax Orchestra

Length: 52:00
Released on: 03-09-2012
Artist/Compiled by: Slack Sax Orchestra

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