Classic Rerun - Richard Kauhi - Reflections

As we celebrate our 40th anniversary, we bring back some of our most requested shows for Classic Rerun. Enjoy!

In 1968, Waikiki Records released an album produced by Tommy Kearns called, “The Reflections Of Richard Kauhi and his Piano”, featuring Richard Kauhi.
Richard Kapapanuihanaumoku Kauhi was born on May 21, 1929 and we lost him at the age of 49 to lung cancer on January 21, 1979.
After breaking in with The Kalima Brothers in 1942, he created the Richard Kauhi Quartet in 1948.
But in 1951, he left Hawaii for a solo career in California.
He returned to Hawaii in 1968, shortly after this album was released.
He performed in numerous clubs including Trappers in the Hyatt Regency Waikiki.
Today, we’ll share some of our favorite recordings from “The Reflections of Richard Kauhi and his Piano” from 1968.

This week's playlist:

1- E Mau – Richard Kauhi
2- Kona Kai Opua – Richard Kauhi
3- Ka’ahumanu – Richard Kauhi
4- Marcella Wahine – Richard Kauhi
5- Pua Carnation – Richard Kauhi
6- He Ona La – Richard Kauhi
7- Muliwai – Richard Kauhi
8- Pua Maeole – Richard Kauhi
9- None Hula – Richard Kauhi
10- Lei Lokelani – Richard Kauhi
11- Kamakani Kaili Aloha – Richard Kauhi

Length: 52:42
Released on: 12-20-2019
Artist/Compiled by: Richard Kauhi

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