Hui Ohana with Tina Kaapana - 1974

The group Hui Ohana exploded upon Hawaiian music scene in 1972.
Fraternal twin brothers, Ledward and Nedward Ka’apana, and their cousin Dennis Pavao, brought back the nearly lost arts of slack key guitar and falsetto harmony vocals.
Two years later, after achieving considerable success, they recorded their 3rd album, this time featuring their Led & Ned’s mother, Regina Ka’apana, known as Mama Tina Ka’apana.
They recorded together on March 5th and 7th of 1974.
We’ll share those recordings from 1974 with you.

This week's playlist:

1- Wai O Ke Ani Ani – Hui Ohana
2- Radio Hula – Ledward Ka’apana w/ Hui Ohana
3- Hui Ohana – Hui Ohana
4- Kanaka Wai Wai – Tina Ka’apana w/ Hui Ohana
5- God Bless My Daddy/Mom – Dennis Pavao w/ HO
6- Wailana – Tina Ka’apana w/ Hui Ohana
7- Waiakanaio – Hui Ohana
8- Kaulana O Hilo Hanakahi – Tina Ka’apana w/ HO
9- Pauoa Liko Lehua – Tina Ka’apana w/ Hui Ohana
10- Kumukahi – Tina Ka’apana w/ Hui Ohana
11- O Kalena Kai – Dennis Pavao w/ Hui Ohana

Length: 54:40
Released on: 08-23-2019
Artist/Compiled by: Hui Ohana

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