Lani McIntire - Hana Hou

Lani McIntire was born on December 15, 1904, in Honolulu, and we lost him on June 17, 1951.
He was only 46 years of age.
Lani was Dick Mcintire’s younger brother, and died just one month after Dick died.
Lani Mcintire achieved fame in Sol Hoopii’s trio before creating his own bands.
Lani played in numerous night clubs in his career.
He recorded dozens of records, the majority of which were for Decca Records.
On December 13, 2013, we featured some of Lani’s recordings, and on November 11, 2016, we shared some more of Lani’s recordings.
In this program, we’ll play yet another hour of Lani’s releases.
From the 1930s, we’ll share this memorable music.

This week's playlist:

1- Kama’aina – Lani McIntire & his Hawaiians
2- When Hawaii Calls - Lani McIntire & his Hawaiians
3- In A Little Hula Heaven - Lani McIntire & his Orchestra
4- Hawaiian Vamp - Lani McIntire & his Hawaiians
5- When You Dream About Hawaii - Lani McIntire & his Ork
6- Honolulu By The Sea - Lani McIntire & his Orchestra
7- Hilo E – Lani McIntire & his Hawaiians
8- Moonlight & Shadows - Lani McIntire & his Hawaiians
9- Only A Rose - Lani McIntire & his Hawaiians
10- I’ll Come Sailing Home To You - Lani McIntire & his Hawn’s
11- Hame Pila - Lani McIntire & his Orchestra

Length: 54:28
Released on: 02-01-2019
Artist/Compiled by: Lani McIntire

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