Genoa Keawe - 1979 - Aloha Grill

On April 28, 1979, Bob and Nancy Teruya had decided to retire, and thus close their famed downtown venue, the Aloha Bar & Grill.
It was just 2 months before Territorial Airwaves signed on the air.
The couple had been presenting Hawaiian music off and on since 1951.
Since 1974, their resident weekend regular entertainer was Genoa Keawe & her Hawaiians.
For closing night, a live recording was made for GK Records, Genoa’s label.
Genoa Keawe played ukulele, Pua Rogers played guitar, Violet Pahu Lilikoi played bass, and Herbert Hanawahine, Jr. played steel guitar.
There were numerous special guests.
In this program, 40 years later, we’ll share this memorable music.

This week's playlist:

1- Maunaloa – Genoa Keawe & Trio
2- Hula Lolo – Violet Pahu Lilkoi, Leilani Mendez, & Agnes Ah See
3- Ho’onanea – Genoa Keawe & Trio
4- Piha Hauoli – Violet Pahu Lilkoi & Trio
5- E Ku’u Morning Dew – Sam Aiko & GK & Trio
6- Hawaiian Lullaby – Pua Rogers & Trio
7- Waikiki Chickadee – Violet Pahu Lilkoi & Trio
8- E Maliu Mai – Genoa Keawe & Gary Aiko & Trio
9- Canadian Girl – Sam Aiko & GK & Trio
10- Alika – Genoa Keawe & Trio
11- Hawaii Aloha – Genoa Keawe & Trio w/ Friends of Aloha Grill

Length: 54:54
Released on: 10-26-2018
Artist/Compiled by: Genoa Keawe and her Hawaiians

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