Naipo Serenaders - 1979

In 1979, Kokua Records released an album produced by Nancy Gustafsson and Victor Rittenband called, “Hawaiian Happening”, featuring The Naipo Serenaders.
The Naipo Serenaders consisted of George Kahulanui Naipo on bass & vocals; His wife, Charlene Ku’uipo Naipo on guitar & vocals; And his cousin, Alma Kalahikiola Ahuna on piano & vocals.
While performing at the Hawaiian Regent Hotel in Waikiki, they recorded this album.
Today, we’ll share some of our favorite recordings from “Hawaiian Happening” from 1979.

This week's playlist:

1- Aino’ai Me Ke Aloha – Naipo Serenaders
2- Mama E Lei – Naipo Serenaders
3- The Good Old Hula Dance – Naipo Serenaders
4- Kalei O Panaewa – Naipo Serenaders
5- Kauai, Ka’aina O Ku’u Kupuna Wahine – Naipo Serenaders
6- Hawaiian Anniversary Song – Naipo Serenaders
7- Na Pua Like ‘Ole – Naipo Serenaders
8- Ke’ala Punahele – Naipo Serenaders
9- Kowelo Nei – Naipo Serenaders
10- The Sound of the Islands – Naipo Serenaders
11- E Kolu Mea Nui – Naipo Serenaders

Length: 54:34
Released on: 04-13-2018
Artist/Compiled by: Naipo Serenaders

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