Folk Songs of Hawaii - 1963

Many look upon the Hawaiian Renaissance of the 1970s as a time of cultural reconnection for Hawaii’s people.
But the Renaissance could not have occurred unless there was an awakening to begin the process of rediscovery.
Folk Songs of Hawaii was the cross over album, featuring Noelani Kanoho Mahao, Ka’upena Wong, and the Leo Nahenahe Singers, that first captured the interest of Hawaii’s youth, already immersed in the Hootenany folk scene of the early 1960s.
So we’ll dive into our records archives to hear our favorite Folk Songs of Hawaii music from 1963.
Today, we’ll share this music.

This week's playlist:

1- Mai Ho’eu’eu Mai ‘Oe – Leo Nahenahe Singers
2- Holu Nape – Noelani Kanoho Mahoe w/ L.N.S.
3- Sassy – Leo Nahenahe Singers
4- Alika Spoehr Hula – Ka’upena Wong w/ L.N.S.
5- Ku’u Lei Pupu – Ka’upena Wong w/ L.N.S.
6- Lei Kiele – Noelani w/ Leo Nahenahe Singers
7- Kulikuli Pepeiao – Noelani w/ Leo Nahenahe S.
8- Tutu – Ka’upena Wong w/ Leo Nahenahe Singers
9- Kaulana Na Pua – Edward Kanoho w/ L.N.S.
10- Leo Nahenahe – Leo Nahenahe Singers
11- Ka Moa’e – Edward Kanoho w/ Leo Nahenahe
12- Ku’u Lei ‘Awapuhi – Leo Nahenahe Singers

Length: 54:21
Released on: 12-08-2017
Artist/Compiled by: Leo Nahenahe Singers

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