Myrtle K. Hilo - 1967

The record, “The Singing Cab Driver”, by Myrtle K. Hilo, was released in 1967, a decade before Territorial Airwaves launched on the radio.
Myrtle K. Hilo’s studio band consisted of:
Benny Saks: keyboards and arrangements
Billy Hew Len: steel guitar
Jimmy Kaopuiki: Bass
Sonny Kamahele: Guitar
Harold Chang: drums
So we’ll dive into our records archives to hear this classic recording.
Today, 50 years later, we’ll share this classic music.

This week's playlist:

1- Waiahole E – Myrtle K. Hilo
2- Lover’s Prayer – Myrtle K. Hilo
3- Kaimuki Hula – Myrtle K. Hilo
4- Ko Ma’i Ho E’u E’u – Myrtle K. Hilo
5- Hali’i Ka Moena – Myrtle K. Hilo
6- Ha’u Ha’u E – Myrtle K. Hilo
7- Manuela’s Girl – Myrtle K. Hilo
8- Sweet Someone – Myrtle K. Hilo
9- Ma’ane’i Mai Oe – Myrtle K. Hilo
10- Keiki No Punalu’u – Myrtle K. Hilo
11- He Mana’o Au – Myrtle K. Hilo

Length: 55:44
Released on: 09-29-2017
Artist/Compiled by: Myrtle K. Hilo

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