Kilohana Kollection - Volume 15

A young woman born and raised in Honolulu, traveled all the way to Paris, France, to find a new life.
But Hawaii followed her to France.
Eventually her daughter wanted to learn hula, so Kilohana Kwock Silve, a trained hula practitioner already, taught her French daughter the hula.
More French women came, and more countries followed.
An elderly Frenchman brought Kilohana his cherished Hawaiian record collection and gave it to her for safekeeping.
Eventually Kilohana packed it all up and brought it back home to Manoa, O'ahu, Hawaii.
Today, well resume our mini-series, with even more of the treasures that weve culled from the Kilohana Kollection, in Volume 15.
For this episode, well feature Danny Kuaana.
Today, 69 years later, well share this 1948 recording.

This week's playlist:

1- E Kuu Lei, My Darling Danny Kuaana
2- Kohala March Danny Kuaana
3- He Ui Danny Kuaana
4- Hawaiian War Chant Danny Kuaana
5- Hilo Hattie Danny Kuaana
6- Lovely Hula Hands Danny Kuaana
7- Noho Paipai Danny Kuaana
8- He Manao Kou Ia Oe Danny Kuaana
9- Ke Kali Nei Au Danny Kuaana
10- Mauna Kea Danny Kuaana
11- Kings Serenade Danny Kuaana

Length: 54:56
Released on: 07-28-2017
Artist/Compiled by: Danny Kuaana

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