Keaumoku Louis

Keaumoku Louis was born on January 14, 1888.
We lost him at the age of 95, in March of 1983.
He has been known as Albert Ke’eaumoku Louis, and Louis Ke’eaumoku Amoy.
In any event, when he reached the mainland, he changed his name from Ke’eaumoku to Keaumoku by dropping an ‘E’ to make it easier for mainlanders to pronounce.
In Los Angeles, he was one of the 1st artists to record electronically in 1925 for Victor Records rather than with the previous horn-to-stylus method.
So we’ll dive into our 78rpm records archives to hear some of his classic recordings.
Today, almost 90 years later, we’ll share this classic music.

This week's playlist:

1- Wai Punalau – Keaumoku Louis
2- Ku’u Home – Keaumoku Louis
3- Na Lei O Hawaii – Keaumoku Louis
4- Good-Bye Honolulu – Keaumoku Louis
5- Lei Awapuhi – Keaumoku Louis
6- Penei No - Keaumoku Louis
7- White Birds – Hawaiian Orchestra
8- Wahine U’i - Keaumoku Louis
9- Ua Like No A Like - Keaumoku Louis & Kathryn Wentz
10- Na Lani Eha - Keaumoku Louis
11- Don’t Play Aloha When I Go - Keaumoku Louis

Length: 55:56
Released on: 05-12-2017
Artist/Compiled by: Ke'eaumoku A. Lewis

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