Emma Farden Sharpe

Emma Kapiolani Farden Sharpe of the Farden Family of Lahaina, Maui, is credited with helping to pioneer the renaissance of the hula throughout the island of Maui.
Although a school teacher for 40 years, she pursued hula training at a young age, before there were known halau on Maui.
She then began a lifetime of teaching and performing, sharing the hula she had learned.
In the 1960s, and into the 1970s, she presented her show every Sunday evening in the Discovery Room at the Sheraton-Maui.
With her musicians, the vibrant entertainer thrived.
Today, almost 50 years later, we’ll share this classic music.

This week's playlist:

1- Lei Hiwahiwa – Emma Sharpe & Entertainers
2- I Ali’i No ‘Oe – Emma Sharpe & Entertainers
3- Kawika – Emma Sharpe
4- Puamana – Emma Sharpe & Entertainers
5- Laupahoehoe – Emma Sharpe & Entertainers
6- Alika – Emma Sharpe & Entertainers
7- Kilakila O Haleakala – Emma Sharpe & Entertainers
8- Do The Hula – Emma Sharpe & Entertainers
9- Kui Molokai – Emma Sharpe
10- Pulupe/ Noenoe Ua Kea O Hana – Emma Sharpe
11- Green Rose Hula – Emma Sharpe & Entertainers
12- Kilauea – Emma Sharpe
13- Ke Kali Nei Au – Emma Sharpe & Entertainers

Length: 56:27
Released on: 02-24-2017
Artist/Compiled by: Emma Sharpe & her Entertainers

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