Hawaii Calls - 1975

Webley Edwards began the “Hawaii Calls” radio show on July 3, 1935.
At its peak, 750 stations were airing the show.
Webley Edwards retired in 1972 for health reasons.
Danny Kaleikini tried to keep the show going.
But listenership was falling, and the State of Hawaii terminated its long standing subsidy for the show.
One last “Hawaii Calls” album was produced on Lehua Records, to celebrate the show’s 40th anniversary, but for the first time without Webley Edwards.
In addition to some of the show’s veteran stars, a bevy of younger talent performed Benny Kalama’s arrangements.
“Hawaii Calls – 1975” was released at the beginning of 1975, but after 2,083 weekly episodes the “Hawaii Calls” last broadcast was on August 16, 1975.
Webley Edwards died on October 5, 1977, at the age of 74.
Today, over 40 years later, we’ll share this classic music.

This week's playlist:

1- Across The Sea – Pua Almeida
2- Sands Of Waikiki – Danny Kaleikini
3- Kanaka Waiwai – Danny Kaleikini & Penny Silva
4- Ka’a Ahi Kahului – Palani Vaughan
5- Song Of The Islands – Nina Keali’iwahamana
6- Kona Kai Opua – Charles K. L. Davis
7- Here In This Enchanted Place – Francis Kamahele
8- No Keanu Ahi Ahi – Melveen Leed
9- I Wish They Didn’t Mean Goodbye – Joe Recca
10- Wai O Keaniani – Hui Ohana
11- Now Is The Hour – Nina Keali’iwahamana

Length: 51:48
Released on: 02-17-2017
Artist/Compiled by: Various Artists

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