49th State Records Festival - Vol 1

In 1946, John Kameaaloha Almeida released a few 78rpm records of his own Hawaiian music.
But he had difficulty financing and distributing the recordings.
Johnny approached his employer, George K. Ching, the proprietor of the Maestro Music Store in downtown Honolulu, where Johnny taught ukulele and guitar.
The result was the creation of the 49th State Records Company.
George would finance and distribute the label, while Johnny would serve as the musical director for each and every recording.
Traditional Hawaiian chant & hula, hapa haole songs, and even music from the rest of Polynesia, were recorded by a stable of aspiring talent.
Today, we’ll hear memorable selections from the 49th State Records Festival – Volume 1, courtesy of the Territorial Airwaves archives.

This week's playlist:

1- Hanauma – Genoa Keawe & Hawaiians
2- Hula O Maki – John Pi’ilani Watkins
3- Song of the 8 Islands – Genoa Keawe
4- Lani – Genoa Keawe & her Hawaiians
5- My Waikiki Girl – Genoa Keawe
6- Lola O’Brien, the Irish Hawaiian – John P Watkins
7- Nuku O Nu’uanu – John Pi’ilani Watkins
8- Lucky Come Hawaii – Genoa Keawe & Hawaiians
9- Aloha Wau I’a Oe – John Pi’ilani Watkins
10- Out On The Beach At Waikiki – Puanani Alama
11- Don’t Cry Aloha When I Sail Away – Genoa Keawe

Length: 54:29
Released on: 06-17-2016
Artist/Compiled by: Various Artists

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