Al & Clay Naluai

In 1957, brothers Alan & Clayton Naluai began their quartet, “The Surfers”, along with Bernie Ching and Pat Sylva, while they were all attending Glendale Junior College.
Over the following decades, The Surfers made numerous recordings, and played top engagements both here in Hawaii, and on the Mainland.
Today, we’ll hear memorable selections from Al & Clay Naluai’s 1979 LP release with Aloha Airlines, courtesy of the Territorial Airwaves archives.

This week's playlist:

1- Moonlight Lady – Al & Clay Naluai
2- Koni Au I Ka Wai - Al & Clay Naluai
3- You Gotta Feel Aloha - Al & Clay Naluai
4- Jungle Rain - Al & Clay Naluai
5- Waika – Al & Clay Naluai
6- Green Rose Hula - Al & Clay Naluai
7- He Aloha No O Honolulu - Al & Clay Naluai
8- Kamakani Kaili Aloha - Al & Clay Naluai
9- Misty Rainbow - Al & Clay Naluai
10- My Isle Of Love - Al & Clay Naluai

Length: 54:30
Released on: 06-10-2016
Artist/Compiled by: Alan & Clayton Naluai

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