Wainani Kanealii

Edith Wainani Kanealii was born in Honolulu on January 5, 1941.
She was the 5th of 15 children born to Rosalyn Lokalia Chow & Benjamin Ka’eha Kaneali’i.
In 1963, she recorded her debut album, “Songs of the Pacific”, on the Sounds of Hawaii label, in the Sounds of Hawaii studio at 1084 Young Street in Honolulu.
22 year old Wainani was joined in harmony by friends Iwalani Kahalewai & Lydia Wong, in an array of Hawaiian and Polynesian numbers.
Musicians in the session included Atta Isaacs and Benny Saks, arranged by Paul Mark.
Today, we’ll celebrate the early recorded legacy of Wainani Kaneal’i from the Territorial Airwaves archives.

This week's playlist:

1- Nuku O Nu’uanu – Wainani Kaneali’i
2- E Valo Valo Mai - Wainani Kaneali’i
3- Kuhio Bay - Wainani Kaneali’i
4- Nani Kauai - Wainani Kaneali’i
5- Ke Anuenue - Wainani Kaneali’i
6- Ko Maka Palu Palu - Wainani Kaneali’i
7- Ho’e Ana - Wainani Kaneali’i
8- Namolokama (Uina Uina) - Wainani Kaneali’i
9- Buna - Wainani Kaneali’i
10- Koto Iwi - Wainani Kaneali’i
11- Tauta - Wainani Kaneali’i
12- Pu’u O Hulu - Wainani Kaneali’i

Length: 53:47
Released on: 04-03-2015
Artist/Compiled by: Edith Wainani Kanealii Yim

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