MacKenzie Serenaders

Jimmie Healani MacKenzie started his MacKenzie Travel Organization in 1949 with $350.
MacKenzie Tours grew to be highly successful, and Jimmie became known as the “Mayor of Waikiki”.
Jimmie’s formula for selling Hawaii was to provide personalized service to visitors.
He also formed musical groups to play Hawaii’s music.
The MacKenzie Serenaders were Jimmie Healani MacKenzie, Danny Kenui Duvauchelle, Merle Kekuku, and Francis “Freckles” Lyons.
Today, we’ll celebrate the early recorded legacy of the MacKenzie Serenaders from the Territorial Airwaves archives.

This week's playlist:

1- Hawaiian Hospitality – MacKenzie Serenaders
2- Pa’ahana – Freckles Lyons & the Beachboys
3- Lovely Hula Hands - MacKenzie Serenaders
4- Rainbows Over Paradise - MacKenzie Serenaders
5- Little Brown Gal - MacKenzie Serenaders
6- To You Sweetheart Aloha - MacKenzie Serenaders
7- When You Leis Come Back – Freckles Lyons & Beachboys
8- Song of Old Hawaii - MacKenzie Serenaders
9- Ke Kali Nei Au - MacKenzie Serenaders
10- Hukilau Song - MacKenzie Serenaders
11- Beyond The Reef - MacKenzie Serenaders

Length: 52:34
Released on: 03-13-2015
Artist/Compiled by: Jimmy Healani MacKenzie

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