Marcella Kalua

Marcella Mokihana “Bozo” Kalua was born into a musical family in 1948, the 2nd of 4 daughters born to Marvallin Mokihana Kahalepuna Kalua of Pauoa, affectionately known as “Aunty Lala”.
Marvallin’s aunt was the famed singer, Madame Alapa’i.
Young Marcella began singing in the 4th grade at Pauoa Elementary School, and began to perform in numerous contests, benefits, her church, and even Aloha Week.
Makaha Records discovered her, and recorded her with the 1963 version of the Sons of Hawaii.
Today, we’ll listen to that rare out-of-print recording from the Territorial Airwaves archives.

This week's playlist:

1- U’i – Marcella Kalua
2- Hali’ilua – Marcella Kalua
3- Kaho’olawe - Marcella Kalua
4- Lei Kiele - Marcella Kalua
5- Kuliau – Rick Hanapi
6- Kahuli Aku - Marcella Kalua
7- Ha’upu - Marcella Kalua
8- Lei Hinahina - Marcella Kalua
9- Lantana E - Marcella Kalua
10- Po Mahina - Marcella Kalua

Length: 49:26
Released on: 11-14-2014
Artist/Compiled by: Marcella Kalua aka Marcella Kalama

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