Jesse Nakooka

Maui entertainer, Jesse Kealoha Nako’oka .was born in Lahaina, Maui on November 13, 1943, and we lost him in Olinda, Maui on October 13, 2007.
We’ll follow Jesse’s musical path all the way to the Maui Lu Resort where he o-hosted the “Aloha Mele Luncheon” series with Aunty Emma Sharpe.
We’ll remember one of Maui’s finest sons, with his many musical pals, his featured venues, and his final life’s work.
Today, we’ll listen to rare out-of-print recordings from Territorial Airwaves archives.

This week's playlist:

1- You Gotta Feel Aloha – Jesse Nako’oka
2- Nani Wale – Jesse Nako’oka
3- 54 Bridges To Hana Town – Jesse Nako’oka
4- Beautiful Makena – Jesse Nako’oka
5- Hupe Kole – Jesse Nako’oka
6- Ua No Au A Kupa – Jesse Nako’oka
7- Ku’u Hoa – Jesse Nako’oka
8- E Hihiwai – Jesse Nako’oka
9- Kalalau – Jesse Nako’oka
10- Hale Ali’i – Jesse Nako’oka
11- My Seeet Sweetie – Jesse Nako’oka

Length: 53:48
Released on: 08-22-2014
Artist/Compiled by: Jesse Kealoha Nako'oka

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