Hawaiian Renaissance 1970s Music Pt 3

We’ll conclude our mini-series spotlighting the Hawaiian Renaissance of the 1970s.
We’ll remember how on March 22, 1977, Dr. George Kanahele, noted Hawaiian cultural scholar, addressed the Rotary Club of Honolulu on the subject of the resurgence of interest in Hawaiian music and culture that had been building in the State since the beginning of the decade of the 1970s.
Dr. Kanahele entitled his speech, “Hawaiian Renaissance”, thus giving a name to this cultural movement.
Subsequently, his entire speech was published in the Honolulu Advertiser, and the term “Hawaiian Renaissance” became the buzz word to describe the 1970s era of Hawaiian music.
Today, we’ll listen to more of our out-of-print recordings from the recorded legacy of the Hawaiian Renaissance.

This week's playlist:

1- Ku’uipo – Lopaka Trio
2- Hoki Poki – Na Opio O Kuhio
3- My Wahine & Me – Brothers Cazimero
4- Maile Swing – Cyrus Green
5- Honeymoon Hotel – Sons of Hawaii
6- Mahina O Hoku – Ali’i Manu
7- Haleakala – Brother Noland
8- Hanauma – Kaleo O Kalani
9- I Ali’i No ‘Oe – Aloha Pumehana Serenaders
10- Kalama’ula - Kaimana
11- Prisoner of Love/It Had To Be You – Steve & Teresa

Length: 53:05
Released on: 07-11-2014
Artist/Compiled by: Various Artists

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