Hawaiian Renaissance 1970s Music Pt 1

We return to 1979, when the Territorial Airwaves program was launched as a weekly radio show.
It was during the era of the Hawaiian Renaissance, when young Hawaiians began looking to their cultural roots, and Hawaiian culture was again flourishing.
Early in this period, the music was influenced by folk and pop, but along the way the revival of Hawaiian performing arts saw renewed interest in the Hula, the Ukulele, Slack Key Guitar, and Steel Guitar, plus Falsetto singing.
Today, we’ll launch a mini-series and listen to some of our out-of-print recordings from the recorded legacy of the Hawaiian Renaissance.

This week's playlist:

1- Strumming Along – Chucky Boy Chock & Oahu Brand
2- Kela Mea Wiffa – Simple Folk
3- Ka Huaka’i - Kanaka
4- Mokokaikala – Na Keonimana
5- Manuela Boy – J & R Incorporated
6- Lono – Na Kaholokula
7- He Ono – Da Blahlas of Keaukaha
8- Komo Mai – Reggie Berdon
9- Green Rose Hula – Ke Kai
10- Kaihanupanupa – Emerson Brothers
11- Kamalani – Larry Rivera

Length: 56:57
Released on: 06-29-2014
Artist/Compiled by: Various Artists

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