Sonny Kamahele

Hawaiian music’s distinguished and charming Solomon Kamahele, Jr., “Sonny Kamahele”, aka: “Mr. Hollywood”, who delighted audiences both here in Hawaii and in Hollywood.
A headliner in Waikiki, a fixture on the “Hawaii Calls” radio show, and an entertainer who shared the stage with the likes of Alfred Apaka, Harry Owens, and Sam Koki, Sonny Kamahele has done it all.
Today, we’ll listen to some of our favorite selections from the recorded legacy of Sonny Kamahele.

This week's playlist:

1- E Huli Makou – Sonny Kamahele
2- Ka Lei E – Sonny Kamahele
3- Ku’u One Hanau – Sonny Kamahele
4- Ku’u Lei Poina Ole – Sonny Kamahele
5- Sweet Someone – Sonny Kamahele
6- Beautiful Kahana – Sonny Kamahele & Mel Peterson
7- Na Mokulehua – Sonny Kamahele
8- Little Grass Shack – Sonny Kamahele
9- E Lili’u E – Sonny Kamahele
10- My Kanani – Sonny Kamahele
11- You’re My Only Love – Sonny Kamahele

Length: 53:17
Released on: 06-22-2014
Artist/Compiled by: Solomon Kamahele, Jr.

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