Kui Lee

We'll remember both Kui Lee, the composer,
and Kui Lee, the entertainer.
Kuiokalani Lee, the composer, helped to kick start the new modern Hawaiian sound.
Kui Lee, the entertainer, with his electric personality and unique style, became one of the most memorable acts of the 1960s.
Yes, the man who wrote many of the songs that Don Ho made famous was also a performer.
Join us now as we share some of the recorded legacy of Kui Lee!

This week's playlist:

1- Taro Patch – Kui & Nani Lee
2- When It’s Time To Go – Kui Lee
3- I’ll Remember You – Kui Lee
4- Rain, Rain Go Away – Kui Lee
5- Kamakani Kai’ili Aloha – Kui Lee
6- Goin’ Home – Kui Lee
7- Ain’t No Big Thing – Kui Lee
8- Na’ Ali’i – Kui Lee
9- The Days Of My Youth – Kui Lee
10- All I Want To Do – Kui Lee
11- No Other Song – Kui Lee

Length: 51:41
Released on: 05-30-2014
Artist/Compiled by: Kuiokalani Lee

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