Maiki Aiu Lake

Margaret Maiki Aiu Souza Lake was born on May 28, 1925, and we lost her at the age of 59, on June 19, 1984.
The late hula master stood at the cusp between Hawaiian spirituality and Christianity when she groomed more than 40 dancers to become kumu hula.
Maiki has been referred to as “the Mother of the Hawaiian Rennaissancec” because she was a hula academic responsible for the modern renaissance of hula.
She was able to reconcile the modern hula with the ancient, and she brought back the love and respect for the hula, plus the interest in research, history, language, lei making, costuming, and methodology.
In 1964 the Merrie Monarch began as a festival, evolving to a competition in 1971.
Today, we’ll share a rare 1972 live performance featuring Maiki and her dancers at the Waikiki Shell.
Joining me in the studio to guide us through this historic performance are Kihei & Mapuana de Silva of Halau Mohala Ilima.
Mapuana is one of the distinguished kumu hula uniki’d by Maiki.

This week's playlist:

1- Pua Ahihi – Kahauanu Lake Trio
2- Pua Lililehua – Kahauanu Lake Singers
3- ‘O ‘Oe Ia e Wailuaiki (Entrance Chant) - Maiki Aiu Lake
4- Ia ‘Oe e ka La – Maiki Aiu Lake
5- E Ho’i ke Aloha I Ni’ihau - Maiki Aiu Lake
6- Ka Mea Aloha - Maiki Aiu Lake
7- Kalalea (Nani Wale Ku’u ‘Ike ‘Ana) - Maiki Aiu Lake
8- Hole Waimea - Maiki Aiu Lake
9- He Ma’i no Kunuiakea - Maiki Aiu Lake
10- Keolaokalani (Penei No) - Maiki Aiu Lake
11- Moanalua - Maiki Aiu Lake

Length: 58:11
Released on: 01-24-2014
Artist/Compiled by: Maiki Aiu Lake live 1972

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