The Surfers

In 1957, brothers Alan & Clayton Naluai were attending Glendale Junior College in Glendale, California.
They were befriended by two other Hawaiians: percussionist Bernie Ching, and Pat Sylva, a multi-instrumentalist who could hold his own on the piano, vibes, ukulele, or trombone.
Both Pat & Bernie sang as well.
The quartet began performing in backyard luau in southern California, but over the next couple of decades, they made numerous recordings, and played top engagements both home in Hawaii and on the mainland!
Their trademark 4-part harmony remains unique and memorable.
Today, we’ll celebrate the recorded legacy of the Surfers.

This week's playlist:

1- Hula O Makee – The Surfers
2- Leahi – The Surfers
3- Leimomi – The Surfers
4- Nani Waimea – The Surfers
5- Ulili E - The Surfers
6- Kou Kino Mambo - The Surfers
7- J’etendre - The Surfers
8- On A Clear Day - The Surfers
9- Dahil Sa Yo - The Surfers
10- The Legend of the Rain - The Surfers
11- Somewhere in Hawaii - The Surfers
12- Jungle Rain - The Surfers

Length: 53:20
Released on: 10-11-2013
Artist/Compiled by: The Surfers

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