Alvin Kaleolani Isaacs

Alvin Elewale Kalanikau Isaacs was born on September 9, 1904, in Kamakela, Honolulu, O’ahu, T. H., and we lost Alvin Kaleolani Isaacs on May 19, 1984.
Alvin Isaacs was an incredibly talented musician who has left us a legacy of Hawaiian and hapa haole compositions.
A member of several musical groups, he recorded extensively with each of them.
Today, we’ll listen to some of our favorite selections from the recorded legacy of Alvin Kaleolani Isaacs.

This week's playlist:

1- Aloha Ku’u Pua – Alvin Kaleolani Isaacs & Royal Hawaiians
2- Anapau – Alvin Kaleolani Isaacs & Royal Hawaiians
3- Na ono Ia Na Kupuna – Alvin w/ Waikiki Breakers
4- Kila Kila O Haleakala – Harry Owens & Royal Hawaiian Hotel Orchestra
5- Tomi Tomi – Harry Owens & Royal Hawaiian Hotel Orchestra
6- Hali’i Eka Tamoena – Alvin w/ Ray Andrade & his Hawaiians
7- Ho’oheno – Alvin w/ Royal Hawaiian Serenaders
8- Analani E – Alvin Kaleolani Isaacs & Sons
9- Taha’uala – Alvin Kaleolani Isaacs & Sons
10- Hana Hou My Boy, Hanahou – Alvin Kaleolani Isaacs & Sons
11- Ho'i Mai Huli Ho'i Mai – Alvin Kaleolani Isaacs & Sons
12- E Mau – Alvin Kaleolani Isaacs & Sons

Length: 53:06
Released on: 09-06-2013
Artist/Compiled by: Alvin Kaleolani Isaacs

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