Splash & Freckles Lyons

Two sons born to Kauai legislator Rosalie Kalino'i would team up to entertain Waikiki in the 1950s.
Frances “Freckles” Lunaki’ai Lyons played the guitar, while Kepo’ikai “Splash” Lyons played the ukulele and steel guitar.
When the two brothers made records, they concealed the fact that their respective trios, “Freckles Lyons & his Beachboys”, and “Splash Lyons & his Hawaiians” were actually the same group.
Splash, naturally heavy, had a beautiful falsetto voice and a distinctive steel guitar sound, while Freckles Lyons, unusually thin, was a superb guitarist and a highly sought after back-up musician.
The talented pair were fixtures in 1950s Waikiki.
Today, we’ll listen to some of our favorite selections from the recorded legacy of Splash & Freckles Lyons.

This week's playlist:

1- Mahalo E Hilo Hanakahi – Splash Lyons & his Hawaiians
2- Ku’u Aloha No – Splash Lyons & his Hawaiians
3- Pa’ahana – Freckles Lyons & his Beachboys
4- To Make You Love Me, Ku’uipo – Splash Lyons & his Hs
5- Hokulani – Splash Lyons & his Hawaiians
6- Waikiki Is Good Enough For Me – Freckles Lyons & his Bs
7- Hanohano Hanalei – Freckles Lyons & his Beachboys
8- My Hawaiian Dream – Splash Lyons & his Hawaiians
9- Heart Of Paradise – Splash Lyons & his Hawaiians
10- Leiana – Splash Lyons & his Hawaiians
11- When Your Leis Come Back – Freckles Lyons & his Beachboys

Length: 53:09
Released on: 08-09-2013
Artist/Compiled by: Splash & Freckles Lyons

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