Pua Almeida

Charleston Puaonaona Almeida was born on February 17, 1922, and we lost him on February 9, 1974.
Johnny Almeida both raised and mentored his hanai son, Pua, as his primary protégé.
Young Pua first performed at the age of 6 and turned professional at the age of 16.
Pua became a gifted guitarist and steel guitarist, with an exceptional tenor voice.
Pua Almeida was a dynamic superstar who never played or sang a song the same way twice, always pouring his entire heart and soul into every performance.
At, you can already hear “My Son Pua” and “Na Kupuna Nights”, two shows featuring the music of Pua Almeida.
This time, we’ll dive into our archives of rare 45-rpm records of Pua’s music.
Today, we’ll listen to some of our favorite selections from the recorded legacy of Pua Almeida.

This week's playlist:

1- Ho’i Kealoha Ika Ma’awai – Pua Almeida & his Sunset Trio
2- Kai Hawanawana/Honolulu Tomboy - Pua Almeida & S.S.
3- Lovely Maile Lei - Pua Almeida & his Sunset Serenaders
4- Ipo Hula - Pua Almeida & his Sunset Serenaders
5- Muliwai - Pua Almeida & his Sunset Serenaders
6- Ia ‘Oe E Kala - Pua Almeida & his Sunset Serenaders
7- Papalina Lahilahi - Pua Almeida & his Sunset Serenaders
8- Behave Hula Girl - Pua Almeida & his Moana Hotel Orchestra
9- Steamer Lights - Pua Almeida & his Polynesians
10- E Liliu E - Pua Almeida w/ Billy Hew Len & Moana Serenaders
11- Somewhere In Hawaii - Pua Almeida & his Polynesians

Length: 52:04
Released on: 08-02-2013
Artist/Compiled by: Pua Almeida & Sunset Serenaders

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