Naughty Abbie

Abigail Punia Pua’oi was born on September 20, 1914 in Libbyville, Ko’olau Poko, Kane’ohe, O’ahu, Hawaii. We lost her, at age 58, on April 15, 1973.
At age 3, Abbie’s family moved to a Hawaiian homestead of Ho’olehua, Molokai, where she was raised.
Returning to Honolulu, Abbie Pua’oi married Sonny Ah Mook Sang on September 28, 1934, just after her 21st birthday.
The couple had 3 sons and a daughter.
While dancing naughty hula at “Club Polynesia” in Honolulu with Genoa Keawe & her Hawaiians, Abbie’s kolohe personality earned her the nickname of “Naughty Abbie”, the “Comic Entertainer”.
Today, we’ll listen to some of our favorite selections from the recorded legacy of Naughty Abbie.

This week's playlist:

1- E Naughty Naughty Mae Nei – Naughty Abbie
2- Lovely Hula Girl – Naughty Abbie
3- Ala Moana Annie – Naughty Abbie
4- Mele Of My Tutu E - Naughty Abbie
5- Coconut Willie - Naughty Abbie
6- Fish And Poi – Naughty Abbie
7- Princess Pupule - Naughty Abbie
8- King Kamehameha - Naughty Abbie
9- Cockeyed Mayor of Kaunakakai - Naughty Abbie
10- Charlie The Squid - Naughty Abbie
11- No Huhu – Naughty Abbie
12- No Can Do (The Way She Did) - Naughty Abbie

Length: 53:31
Released on: 07-05-2013
Artist/Compiled by: Abbie Punia Pua'oi Ah Mook Sang

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