The Invitations

Buddy Fo was a fan of Richard Kauhi in the late 1940s.
After the Richard Kauhi Quartette disbanded, Buddy became roommates in Waikiki with the group’s guitarist, Sonny Kamaka.
Influenced by the 1950s sound of the Four Freshman and the Hi-Lo’s, they eventually formed a new 5 member group called The Invitations, featuring incredible harmony vocals.
They were recognized as the best new vocal group of 1959 through their smash debut recording.
For this show, we’ll focus on music that The Invitations recorded on the mainland in the late 1950s.
Join us as we share favorite recordings illustrating that “Invitations” type of Hawaiian music.

This week's playlist:

1- Nani Waimea – The Invitations
2- Princess Pupule - The Invitations
3- Sweet Someone - The Invitations
4- Susie Anna E - The Invitations
5- Hawaiian Hospitality - The Invitations
6- Hawaii Calls - The Invitations
7- Pretty Red Hibiscus - The Invitations
8- Ka Makani Kaili Aloha - The Invitations
9- Leahi - The Invitations
10- Twilight In Hawaii - The Invitations
11- Goodnight, Leilani E - The Invitations

Length: 52:39
Released on: 04-12-2013
Artist/Compiled by: The Invitations

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