Hawaiian Recordings History - Makaha

Herb Ono built the “Sounds of Hawaii Studio”, and created a fine catalog of 45-rpm & 33 1/3-rpm LPs in 1962 to 1964, before selling his label to focus on his studio.
“Makaha Records” was then launched in 1964 by a group of Hawaii residents.
George J.D. Chun, Toki Anzai, Harold M.T. Chang, Marlene Sai, Tom Moffatt, & David Mui came together to form the new label.
“Makaha Records” never had its own recording studio, but made remote recordings instead.
Today, Bob Clarke operates Lehua Records, which rereleases music from the former “Sounds of Hawaii”, “Makaha”, “Mahalo”, and “Lehua” labels.
Today, we’ll share some of the rarest recordings made on the Makaha Records label, on “Hawaiian Recordings History – Makaha Records”!

This week's playlist:

1- Naka Pueo Kahi – Billy Gonsalves & Paradise Serenaders
2- E Huli Makou – Sonny Kamahele
3- Kainoa – Marlene Sai
4- E Lili’u E – Jesse Kalima & Group
5- Latitu – Bill Kaiwa
6- Maui Boy – Danny Kapoi Trio
7- Pua Lilia – Marlene Sai
8- Kaulaili – Sonny Chillingworth
9- Nanea Ko’u Maka Eka Le’a Le’a – Leina’ala Haili
10- Besame Mucho – Melveen Leed
11- Sweet Someone – Myrtle K. Hilo

Length: 56:25
Released on: 02-15-2013
Artist/Compiled by: Makaha Records

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