Hawaiian Recordings History - Tropical

The Tropical Recording Company was located at 1283 North King Street.
Tropical Records was a partnership between two legendary Hawaiian entertainers.
The George Naope Hula Studio was also located at 1283 North King Street, adjoining Johnny Almeida’s Music Studio at 1281 North King Street.
Since the two controlled the one story building, recording sessions were held in the large connected room in the center of the structure.
Today, we’ll share some of the rarest recordings made on the Tropical Recording Studio label, on “Hawaiian Recordings History – Tropical Records”!

This week's playlist:
1- Hulu Manu – Leilani Alama w/ Keawehawaii’s
2- Kona Kai O Pua – Kelii Chun w/ Doddy & Serenaders
3- Ku’ulei Carnation – George Naope w/ Twilite Serenaders
4- Nani – Kelii Chun w/ Tropical Serenaders
5- Ka Loke – Annie Hu w/ Doddy & Serenaders
6- Ku’ulei Puanani – Pua McComber w/ Twilite Serenaders
7- O You Me ‘O Me – George Naope
8- Ka Lei – Alice Kekipi w/ Doddy & Serenaders
9- Ahulili – Kelii Chun w/ Tropical Serenaders
10- There Goes Kealoha – Leilani Alama w/ Keawehawaii’s
11- Kula Manu – Leilani Alama w/ Keawehawaii’s
12- Ka’uwila Make Nei – George Naope

Length: 53:26
Released on: 01-18-2013
Artist/Compiled by: Tropical Recording Company

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