Hawaiian Recordings History - 49th State

George K. Ching began recording Hawaiian music on his record label, “49th State Records” in post WWII Honolulu.
Ching brought musicians into his own Manoa home to make the records, and hired John K. Almeida to be the musical director of the label.
George Ching then first sold the records out of his downtown Honolulu music store, “Maestro Music”.
Today, we’ll share some of the rarest recordings made on the young 49th State Records label, on “Hawaiian Recordings History – 49th State”!

This week's playlist:

1- Na Wai Kaulana – The Hawaiian Echoes
2- Ka Loke – 49th State Hawaiians
3- Hula O Maki – Emma Bush
4- Hiki Mae Hiki Mae – Keaukaha Mother’s Club
5- Nei I’a Pua Nani – Keaukaha Mother’s Club
6- Pahua Papale Nui – The Hawaiian Echoes
7- Lanai – The K’s Hawaiians
8- Lanakila Kawaihau – John Kameaaloha Almeida
9- Kaulana Moloka’i – Alice Johnson
10- Na Maile – Alice Keawekane
11- Hame Pila – John K Almeida & Genoa Keawe

Length: 52:47
Released on: 01-04-2013
Artist/Compiled by: 49th State Records

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