Hawaiian Recordings History - H.T.P.

Hawaiian Transcription Productions (H.T.P.), became Hawaii’s first resident record label.
HTP was created in 1934, primarily to record radio station transcriptions and air checks.
It was located on the 3rd floor of the Advertising Publishing Company, next to Hawaii’s 1st radio station, KGU, which was also owned by the newspaper, The Honolulu Advertiser.
Eventually, HTP was turned into a profitable enterprise by marketing Hawaiian music to the public.
Over 100 of the records with the maile-ilima lei entwined around the outer edge of the label were released before the company finally folded during World War II.
Today, we’ll share some of those rarest recordings made in 1934 through 1940 with, “Hawaiian Recordings History – H.T.P.”.

This week's playlist:

1- Hui E – Julia Nui’s Kama’aina
2- Papakolea – John & Pua Almeida
3- Na Ono O Na Kupuna – Waikiki Breakers
4- Ke Ka Upu – Waikiki Breakers
5- Papalina Lahilahi – Johnny Almeida w/ Nani Makakoa
6- Poli Pumehana – Johnny Almeida’s Hawaiians
7- Ka Lei Ho’ohie – Julia Nui’s Kama’aina
8- Na Lei O Hawaii – King’s Hawaiians
9- Manuela’s Girl – Momi Jones
10- Manuela Boy – Kalala Haili
11- Aloha Hawaii – Johnny Almeida’s Hawaiians

Length: 53:30
Released on: 12-07-2012
Artist/Compiled by: Hawaiian Transcriptions Productions

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