Hawaiian Recordings History - Brunswick

Brunswick-Balke-Collender Company, the world’s largest billiard equipment company, entered the music business in 1920.
In November of 1927, a makeshift recording studio was assembled in the Alexander Young Hotel, in downtown Honolulu.
Johnny Noble acted as supervisor of an array of Hawaii’s talented entertainers, and Charles E. King served as musical director.
Eventually, the project produced 110 sides released on 55 of the 78-rpm discs.
Today, we’ll share some of those rarest recordings made in 1927 with, “Hawaiian Recordings History - Brunswick”.

This week's playlist:

1- Lei Nani – Solomon Kane
2- Na Molokama – Nani Alapai & Joseph Kamakau
3- Royal Hawaiian Hotel – Royal Hawaiian Girls Glee Club
4- Hawaiian Vamp – Moana Hotel Orchestra
5- Kalamaula – Emma Bush
6- Waipio – Raymond Kinney w/ David Burrows Trio
7- Lei I Ka Mokihana – Johanna Wilcox Glee Club
8- Hanohano Hanalei – Bray’s Troupe
9- E Mama E – Annie Kerr’s Hawaiian Girls
10- Haleakala – Charles K. Namahoe
11- Na Lei O Hawaii – Moana Hotel Orchestra

Length: 54:29
Released on: 11-23-2012
Artist/Compiled by: Brunswick Records

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