Waikiki Beachboys - Revisited

The first Waikiki beachboys were organized by Dude Miller to serve the new Moana Hotel by promoting surfing and canoeing for its guests in the first decade of the 1900s.
Miller was the first captain of “Hui Nalu”, and pulled most of his beachboys from that club.
The Waikiki beachboys became leaders in the revival of surfing and other watersports in the early 20th Century.
Many of the beachboys were also talented musicians.
Today, we’ll focus on the Waikiki beachboys who also made beautiful Hawaiian music in, “Waikiki Beachboys - Revisited”.

This week's playlist:

1- Hui E – Splash Lyons w/ Charlie Amalu Trio
2- Kukuna O Kala – Splash Lyons w/ Charlie Amalu Trio
3- Kauoha Mai – Chick Daniels & Royal Hawaiians
4- Little Brown Gal – Chick Daniels & Royal Hawaiians
5- Rose Of Honolulu – Sam Kahanamoku
6- Na Lei – Splash Lyons w/ Charlie Amalu Trio
7- Kaleponi – Rennie Brooks w/ Keeaumoku Trio
8- Kilakila Haleakala – Rennie Brooks w/ Keeaumoku Trio
9- All Because Of You – Ray Kinney w/ David Burrows Trio
10- Waikiki Is Good Enough For Me – Charlie Amalu & Keeaumoku Trio
11- What Aloha Means – Sam Kahanamoku

Length: 54:06
Released on: 11-02-2012
Artist/Compiled by: Various Waikiki Beachboys

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