R. Alex Anderson Hapa Haole Songbook

R. Alex Anderson graced our world from June 6, 1894 to May 30, 1995.
Yes, he lived to be one week short of his 101st birthday!
R. Alex Anderson’s hapa haole compositions may have been among the most distinctively Hawaiian ever recorded.
“Andy’s” songs share the Hawaii of his birth, with it’s unique people, places, and elements.
I have lovingly referred to him as the “Godfather of Hapa Haole Music”.
Today, we’ll focus on some of our favorite hapa haole tunes from the “Hapa Haole Songbook of R. Alex Anderson”.

This week's playlist:

1- Malihini Mele – Dick McIntire
2- On A Coconut Island – Louis Armstrong
3- Red Opu – Charles K. L. Davis
4- White Ginger Blossoms – George Archer
5- Blue Lei – Royal Hawaiian Serenaders
6- Haole Hula – Sol K. Bright
7- Moon Don’t Make A Monkey Out Of Me – Hilo Hattie
8- Cockeyed Mayor of Kaunakakai – Alvin K. Isaacs
9- Cockeyed Daughter of the Cockeyed Mayor – Ray Kinney
10- Lovely Hula Hands – Peggy & Alex Anderson
11- I Will Remember You – Alfred Apaka

Length: 53:52
Released on: 10-19-2012
Artist/Compiled by: R. Alex Anderson

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