Johnny Noble Hapa Haole Songbook

John Avery Noble lived from September 17, 1892 to January 13, 1944.
Called “The Hawaiian Jazz King”, Honolulu born Johnny Noble became an orchestra leader, performer, composer, impresario, and arranger.
We’ll focus on some hapa haole tunes he actually composed, or had a hand in, as we share our “Hapa Haole Songbook – Johnny Noble”.

This week's playlist:

1- Hula Blues – Lani McIntire & his Hawaiians
2- Hawaiian Vamp – George Tautu Archer
3- Under The Moana Banyan Tree – Dick McIntire
4- In The Royal Hawaiian Hotel – Dick McIntire
5- The Lei Vendor – Sol Ho’opi’i
6- A Flower Lei – George Kainapau
7- Pretty Red Hibiscus – Ray Kinney
8- Everyone Is Singing Hawaiian Now – Danny Stewart
9- What Are The Wild Waves Saying? – Ray Kinney
10- Don’t Play Aloha When I Go – Jimmy Moikeha
11- My Hawaiian Souvenirs – Napua Stevens

Length: 54:58
Released on: 09-21-2012
Artist/Compiled by: Johnny Noble

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