Territorial Airwaves - "Peter Ahia - Revisited" (8/10/12)

Peter Ahia was born in Palama, O’ahu, on December 6, 1942, and we lost him in Honolulu, at the age of 50, on September 5, 1993.
Peter’s charisma, combined with his fine vocal clarity and strict enunciation of Hawaiian lyrics, made his two recordings outstanding musical treasures.
Join us now for “Peter Ahia - Revisited”, as we share some of our favorite selections from Peter’s 1973 debut recording, “Peter Sings”, and his 1979 classic disc, “Talena”.

This week's playlist:

1- Ku’u Hoa – Peter Ahia
2- Waikoloa – Peter Ahia
3- Ku’u Makamaka – Peter Ahia
4- Pu’uhonua Nani – Peter Ahia
5- Ku’u Aloha Nui – Peter Ahia
6- Mele O Lana’i – Peter Ahia
7- Kipukai – Peter Ahia
8- In Hawaii – Peter Ahia
9- Nani Mokihana – Peter Ahia
10- Aloha Kalanianaole – Peter Ahia
11- Lei of Love – Peter Ahia

Length: 55:13
Released on: 08-10-2012
Artist/Compiled by: Peter Ahia

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