Territorial Airwaves - "Melelani Serenaders - 4/06/2012

Melelani Ka’ula moved from her home island of Ni’ihau to O’ahu!
In 1973, she formed the Melelani Serenaders.
Mele played her trademark double strumming style of ukulele and sang lead soprano.
Helen Ku’uipo “Legs” Kim Choy played rhythm guitar and sang 2nd soprano.
Lana Ku’upua Ka’auwalu also played rhythm guitar and sang alto.
The wahine trio was backed by Wally Ka’okai on lead electric guitar, and Alvin Kulani on electric bass.
Join us now for “The Melelani Serenaders”, as we share their memorable 1980 recordings three decades later!

This week's playlist:

1- Naka Pueo Kahi – Melelani Serenaders
2- Lei Nani – Melelani Serenaders
3- E Nani E – Melelani Serenaders
4- Nanakuli - Melelani Serenaders
5- Ke’ala O Ka Rose - Melelani Serenaders
6- Green Rose Hula - Melelani Serenaders
7- Nani - Melelani Serenaders
8- Moanalua - Melelani Serenaders
9- Ipo Hula - Melelani Serenaders
10- Kaula ‘Ili - Melelani Serenaders

Length: 52:45
Released on: 04-06-2012
Artist/Compiled by: Melelani Serenaders

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