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Kalakaua - Through The Decades

Here is another chant in honor of Hawaii's King David Kalakaua that was subsequently set to music.
Let's track this mele inoa (name song), "Kalakaua", through the decades, marveling at how similar these 3 arrangements are, even though they are recorded over an 80 year span.
Each artist employs falsetto or head voice ornaments:
[(1927) Sol Ho'opi'i & his Novelty Trio,
(1961) Leina'ala Haili,
(2006) Amy Hanaiali'i Gilliom.]

Released on: 01-14-2007
Artist/Compiled by: Various Artists

Lei Ohu - Through The Decades

"Lei Ohu", composed by George E. Akiu, is a song that tells the story of the decorative flower lei of the 4 largest of the Hawaiian islands: the Lehua for Hawaii, the Roselani for Maui, the 'Ilima for O'ahu, and the Mokihana for Kaua'i.
You'll hear that the tempo noticeably accelerates through the decades as we trace its evolution over 80 years from the definitive falsetto group of 1927, Sol Ho'opi'i, to the definitive falsetto group of 2007, Na Palapalai (Kuana, Kehau & Keao)!
[(1927) Sol Ho'opi'i & his Novelty Trio,
(1947) Andy Cummings & his Hawaiian Serenaders,
(1972) Gabby Pahinui,
(2006) Na Palapalai.]

Released on: 01-07-2007
Artist/Compiled by: Various Artists

My Yellow Ginger Lei - Through the Decades

The classic hapa haole song, "My Yellow Ginger Lei" was written by John Keawehawaii and copyrighted by him on January 29, 1948.
John Kameaaloha Almeida oversaw the 1st recording of the song on the 49th State Record label in 1948, and apparently contributed the Hawaiian language introduction verse.
Almeida voiced that intro himself on the recording, while Keawehawaii sang the now familiar melody line in English and falsetto.
It subsequently became a favorite for falsetto and hula.
(Karen Keawehawaii is John Keawehawaii's daughter.)
Follow along through the decades as the song evolves:
[(1948) John Keawehawaii & John Almeida,
(1949) Joe Keawe,
(1962) Charles Kaipo Miller, and
(1998) Dennis Pavao.]

Released on: 01-29-1948
Artist/Compiled by: Various Artists

Leila - (Bill Akamuhou Dias & Al Kihefner)

"Leila" (Layla), was composed by Bill Akamuhou Dias & Al Kilhefner, as a tribute to one of the most popular hula dancers at Waikiki in the postwar 1940s.
She is pictured here in 1948 dancing for the Kodak Hula Show.
Lila (Lyela) Guerrero was also a member of the "Waikiki Girls" that sang with Al Kealoha Perry & his Singing Surfriders on the world famous "Hawaii Calls" radio show each Saturday.
The Waikiki Girls were sisters Marion Kanekapolei Guerrero Diamond and Lila Kaualoku Guerrero Replinger, and their cousin, Eloise Gasper Holt.
Lila's son, Rap Replinger, would later gain fame as Hawaii's comic genius.
We share "Leila" in response to a request from Van Diamond, son of Marion Diamond.
Mahalo Van.

Released on: 01-01-1948
Artist/Compiled by: Bill Akamuhou & his Nautical Hawaiians

Kawaihae Hula - (Bill Ali'iloa Lincoln)

William Lionel Kalaniali'iloa Lincoln was born in Kohala, Hawai`i in 1913.
One of fifteen children of a cattle rancher, Lincoln grew up speaking Hawaiian, working as a paniolo, and singing in Kohala High School's operettas and plays.
After graduating in 1931, he formed his own band (he sang and played ukulele), and by 1938 he had moved to O`ahu and was already working the Waikīkī entertainment circuit.
Lincoln sang straight tenor at the beginning of his career, but he was gradually influenced by Lena Machado and George Kainapau, his musical idols, into becoming a falsetto specialist.
, "Kawaihae Hula" celebrates a place that used to be.
But as long as these songs are sung, danced, and transmitted, the places they celebrate will remain alive in us.
It is because of "Kawaihae Hula" that the sound of `ili`ili still echoes at Pelekane and the image of Puaka'ilima still shimmers in the memories of Kawaihae Harbor.
(Mahalo to: Kihei de Silva for his analysis from "He Aloha Moku o Keawe: A Collection of Songs for Hawai`i, Island of Keawe".
We share this rare recording of "Kawaihae Hula" by Bill Ali`iloa Lincoln in response to a request from Trustee At-large Haunani Apoliona of the Office of Hawaiian Affairs.
Mahalo Haunani.

Released on: 01-01-1945
Artist/Compiled by: Bill Ali'iloa Lincoln

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