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Moanike'alaonapuamakahikina - Through The Decades

Moanike'alaonapuamakahakina was composed by Lena Machado, "Hawaii's Songbird", for Sally Woods Naluai, likening her to a beautiful flower that shines in the sunlight.
Lena copyrighted her composition on February 11, 1946.
Hear the evolution of the song by clicking on the play button below.
Lena begins our medley of all of the verses with her own arrangement, followed by Kimo Alama, with the group "Halona", comprised of Kimo Alama, Jack Ha'o, Manu Palama, and Kaulana Kasparovitch, and concluding with "Holunape", a fresh young traditional Hawaiian music trio, featuring Kama Hopkins, Kekoa Kaluhiwa, and Brad Nakamura. ---
[(1962) Lena Machado,
(1977) Halona,
(2006) Holunape.]

Released on: 05-15-2007
Artist/Compiled by: Various Artists

"Na Pua O Hawaii" - Royal Hawaiian Serenaders

Between 7/04/1947 and 1951, the Royal Hawaiian Serenaders were Waikiki's 'super group'.
Featuring incredible four-part harmony with 2 falsetto parts, the Serenaders were consumate veteran professionals.
The group's original members were, left to right, Tommy Castro (steel guitar and low-end vocals), George Ka'inapau (ukulele & falsetto vocals), Benny Kalama (standup bass & falsetto vocals), and Alvin Kaleolani Isaacs (guitar & mid-range vocals).
For this photo shoot & gig, there is no power, so Tommy is playing a guitar.
Before WWII, the older members had toured the mainland extensively:
Tommy with Ray Kinney's Hawaiian Musical Ambassadors, George with both Ray Kinney and Lani McIntire, and Alvin with Harry Owens & his Royal Hawaiians.
Benny was several years younger than the other 3 and had made a name for himself with Don McDiarmid's orchestra in Hawaii.
Benny would go on to become the musical director of the Alfred Apaka show and later the "Hawaii Calls" radio show.
This super group chose the name, "Royal Hawaiian Serenaders" because they formed to take a gig at the Royal Hawaiian Hotel.
From 1947-1951, they were indeed the toast of the town!

Released on: 01-01-1948
Artist/Compiled by: Royal Hawaiian Serenaders

Aloha Kaua'i - Through The Decades

Margaret Souza Aiu Lake (1925-1984) is remembered as one of modern Hawaii's most influential kumu hula.
In 1954, Maiki Aiu composed the words and music for Aloha Kaua'i to thank the Malina Family of Kaua'i for their generous hospitality at their family home she called Luana.
Join us on a musical journey as this hula favorite evolves over the decades.
[(1957) Mikilani Fo,
(1964) Iwalani Kahalewai,
(1987) Kahauanu Lake Singers,
(1989) The Brothers Cazimero.]

Released on: 03-03-2007
Artist/Compiled by: Various Artists

Mahina O Hoku - Through The Decades

Lillian Awa's composition "Mahina O Hoku" (Full Moon of the Night) has been recorded many times through the years.
Let's examine samples from 4 different decades.
[(1947) Rainbow Serenaders,
(1958) Pua Almeida,
(1967) Danny Kapoi Trio,
(1993) Gary Aiko.]

Released on: 02-12-2007
Artist/Compiled by: Various Artists

Waimea Cowboy - Through The Decades

Here's a Hawaiian cowboy tune for the paniolo of Waimea on the Big Island of Hawaii.
Bill Ali'iloa Lincoln recorded his own composition, "Waimea Cowboy" in 1946, but through the decades, as it was recorded and rearranged by other artists, the song gradually became known as "Hawaiian Roughrider" (no doubt as a tribute to the paniolo of all of Hawaii's islands).
[(1946) Bill Ali'iloa Lincoln & his Hawaiians,
(1961) Sonny Chillingworth,
(1975) Hui Ohana,
(1976) Ho'opi'i Brothers]

Released on: 01-29-2007
Artist/Compiled by: Various Artists

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