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Ku'u Home (Old Plantation)

We recently received this request from the island of Maui:
["Dear Mr. Soria:
I am the great granddaughter of Rose Tribe, the singer & ukulele player from back in the early 1900's.
It is my understanding that you may have some of my great grandmother's music in your collection.
Could you feature a recording of her on Territorial Airwaves?
Also, what station on Maui carries your show?
I used to love to listen to it when I lived on O'ahu.
Mahalo, Rynette "Ipo" Keen ]

We are so pleased to honor Ipo's request by sharing an early Columbia recording of Rose Tribe playing ukulele and singing "Ku'u Home", (Old Plantation), composed by David Nape & Mary Jane Montano.
We share, too, the portrait of Rose Tribe that Ipo sent us.
Rose Tribe lived from July 15, 1890 to February 18, 1934, and is credited as one of the earliest Hawaiian female falsetto voices recorded.
Also, our "Territorial Airwaves" radio show can be heard on right here at
See you on the radio!
[Photo: Rose Tribe, courtesy of her great granddaughter, Ipo Keen. ]

Released on: 06-02-2009
Artist/Compiled by: Rose Tribe

"Pua Tuberose" - George Kainapau & Vickie I'i Rodrigues

Zachary Helm, brother of the late George Jarrett Helm, and father of Raiatea Helm, contacted us regarding a song search.
["Aloha Harry B.:
Long time no see!
I am trying to locate an old 78-rpm record of the song "Pua Tubarose" by an old time artist.
The composer credited for the song is Kimo Kamana.
I know that this song was done by my brother, George Helm, and also by the group, Sunday Manoa.
I'm trying to find a recording of the song made further back in Hawaii's history.
Would you happen to have an old recording of this song?
Mahalo very much. Zack Helm."]
In response to Zack's request, we've uploaded a nice early version of "Pua Tubarose" done by the great falsettoist George Ka'inapau, in a duet with Vickie I'i Rodrigues, recorded in Hawaii in the post-WWII 1940s.
The lyrics were published in a Charles E. King songbook.

Released on: 05-31-2009
Artist/Compiled by: George Ka'inapau & Vickie I'i Rodrigues

Malihini Molly

Don McDiarmid, Sr. wrote several hapa haole tunes during his lengthy career in the Islands. One of the least known is a parody he wrote about the high powered haole women that came over from Hollywood to dominate Waikiki for a brief season, and then return to the coast. Danny Stewart handles the vocals on this rare hapa haole classic.Length:2:48
Released on: 01-01-1947
Artist/Compiled by: Don & his Hawaiians

"Na Kupuna Nights" - Billy Hew Len & his Moana Serenaders

"Na Kupuna Nights" was a long-running popular evening concert event in the Banyan Tree Courtyard of the historic Moana Hotel. This recording by Billy Hew Len & his Moana Serenaders made in the late 1950s became the theme song for the much antiipated gatherings. Kalakaua Aylett is featured on vocals.Length:2:40
Released on: 01-01-1958
Artist/Compiled by: Billy Hew Len & his Moana Serenaders

"Hula Cop Hop" - Sterling Mossman

Sterling Mossman, a man as versatile as he was talented, literally led a double life. A detective with the Honolulu Police Department during the day, after dark he was one of Hawaii's most popular entertainers. His diversified careers earned him the nickname "Hula Cop". Holding forth from the stage of the famous Barefoot Bar at Queen's Surf in Honolulu with a unique potpourri of beautifully performed songs, rollicking comedy and some sharply honed but good-natured needling of the Barefoot Bar regulars and the tourists alike, Sterling Mossman became one of Hawaii's most popular entertainment attractions. Sterling Kilohana Mossman lived from February 3, 1920 to February of 1986.Length:2:25
Released on: 01-01-1959
Artist/Compiled by: Sterling Mossman & Barefoot Bar Gang

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