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Na Ono I'a Na Kupuna - Alvin Isaacs

The Hawaii Academy of Recording Arts has recognized Alvin Kaleolani Isaacs & his three sons:
Barney, Atta, & Norman,
with a Lifetime Achievement Award from the Na Hoku Hanohano Awards.
Harry B. Soria, Jr. received the honor of inducting the four Hawaiian musical giants in the ceremony held at the Hawaii Convention Center on Saturday, May 29, 2010.
Alvin (1904-1984), Barney (1924-1996), Norman (1925-1980), and Atta (1929-1983).
Papa Alvin was a gifted composer, with more than 300 songs, Barney was a master steel guitarist, Norman was a multi-instrumentalist and vocalist, and Atta was a Slack Key Guitar extraordinaire.
Territorial Airwaves honors Alvin and his 3 sons by sharing with you the oldest known recording of Alvin.
"Na Ono I'a Na Kupuna" was released in Hawaii only in 1934.
It features Alvin with lifelong pals: Steppy De Rego, Tommy Castro, and Jimmy Kaopuiki.
They called themselves the "Waikiki Breakers".
Congratulations to the Isaacs Ohana!

Released on: 05-29-2010
Artist/Compiled by: Alvin Kaleolani Isaacs & Sons

Ka'ahumanu - Alice Namakelua

We recently received this request at Territorial Airwaves:
["Aloha e Harry B.! First, I want to thank you for the wonderful information on John Pi`ilani Watkins. It will help tremendously in our preparations for the Hula O Na Keiki Competition in November 2009. John Pi`ilani Watkins was an amazing man, and we feel so fortunate to hula to many of his wonderful compositions!
Harry B., do you have any information on the mele, "Ka`ahumanu," composed and recorded by Auntie Alice Namakelua? She recorded the mele on her hula records 552 self-titled recording in 1974. Joy and I think it'll be a great mele for our keiki to learn. We're praying that the melody/recording is as beautiful as the poetry. Any kokua would be greatly appreciated!
Me ke aloha nui, `Iliahi and Haunani Paredes Halau Kekuaokala`au`ala`iliahi Wailuku, Maui, Hawai`i"]
Here is your requested mele, `Iliahi. Best of luck teaching this chant-like mele to your keiki.
Alice Ku`uleialohapoina`ole Kanakaoluna Kaluhiokalani Namakelua was born on August 12, 1892 in Honoka`a, Hawaii, and she passed away in April of 1987 in Honolulu, Hawaii, at the age of 94.
Alice Namakelua composed "Ka`ahumanu" on September 14, 1973.
I was fortunate enough to receive a weekly moment of training from Auntie Alice in the late 1970s and early 1980s.
Each Wednesday, when Territorial Airwaves was broadcast live on 1420 AM, KCCN, Station Aloha, Auntie Alice would telephone the studio at some point during the show, and gently and lovingly scold me on the correct pronunciation of a particular Hawaiian word.
I was told at the time that for her to take the time each week to call me meant that she truly cared about the quality of our work and the mission we had embarked upon.
She was a wonderfully dedicated woman.
("Beautiful is Hana in my sight.
Land cool and lush.
You are a land filled with love.
A place I'll never forget.
There stands Ka`uiki.
A famous hill of the land. Beloved is
Ka`uiki that stands there.
The birthplace of Ka`ahumanu.
Tell the name and let it be heard.
O Ka`ahumanu, do answer."
A trip to Hana, birthplace of the favorite Queen of Kamehameha the Great, provided the background for this composition.
Alice Namakelua's singing is almost chant-like.)

Released on: 09-14-1973
Artist/Compiled by: Alice Namakelua

"Poi Maker's Tune" - Myrtle K. Hilo

Our friend, Puakea Nogelmeier, forwarded a request to Territorial Airwaves from his friend, Kaunaloa Mitchroney.
["Aloha! A friend can't find lyrics to "Poi-Maker's Tune," written by Irmgard Farden Aluli and Mary Kawena Pukui.
All our usual resources came up empty.
Myrtle K. Hilo recorded it, we understand.
My friend heard it in a hotel and fell in love with the song."]
Mahalo, Puakea & Kaunaloa, for the request.
Here is the recording you mentioned.
I'll defer to Pua to transcribe the lyrics.
Myrtle K. Hilo, "Hawaii's Singing Cab Driver", was born May 17, 1929 in Honolulu, to parents Annie W. and Harry K. Kahea.
She was married to George Hilo, Sr.
A 1948 graduate of McKinley High School, her early performing experience included stints with the Royal Hawaiian Girls Club, George Naope, Harriet Fernandez, and Mabel Aldrich.
Working at clubs like Club Polynesia and Blue Dolphin at night, while driving a cab during the day, earned her the nickname, "Hawaii's Singing Cab Driver".
Myrtle used the moniker as a DJ on KCCN-AM radio, showcasing her delightful Pidgin English patter.
This tune was recorded by Myrtle on January 1, 1967 for Makaha Records at Commercial Recording Studios, produced by George J. D. Chun and engineered by Bob Lang.
The studio sidemen are led by arranger Benny Saks.

Released on: 01-01-1967
Artist/Compiled by: Myrtle K. Hilo

"E Inu Tatou E" - George Archer

Here is another request received at Territorial Airwaves:
["Harry B., I was referred to you by Punahele, who hoped you could assist me in finding an authentic version of a Tahitian song called "E Inu Tatou E".
It was written by George "Tautu" Archer in the 1940s.
Dave Guard & Bob Shane learned it "by ear" as teenagers, and later recorded it with the Kingston Trio from memory.
It was a killer version, but not very authentic.
I play in a group which would like to record it, but we would prefer to do it right, so I'm trying to locate a version of the song, sung by Tahitians.
Can you help me? -- Bob Lawrence, San Francisco, California "]
Yes, Bob, we can help you and your group out.
As you are probably aware Dave & Bob grew up in Honolulu, and attended Punahou, the same school that US President Barrack Obama hails from.
Dave Guard & Bob Shane were founding members of the famed "Kingston Trio", and recorded this Tahitian dittie on their 1959 LP, "Here We Go Again".
Dave & Bob learned this song off of a 78-rpm record on the "Bell Records" label recorded here in Hawaii just after WWII.
"E Inu Tatou E" is credited to George Archer & B. Bambridge, and was first recorded by George "Tautu" Archer & the Pagans.
Hope you enjoy this original, and best of luck with your recording.

Released on: 06-20-2009
Artist/Compiled by: George Archer

"Puka In The Pali" - Hilo Hattie

Here is another request received at Territorial Airwaves:
["Thank you for sharing wisdom and great music.
One day while listening to the Territorial Airwaves radio show, I heard the most fun song---the words included "Put the puka in the Pali".
Can you give me information about the song, singer, and recording?
My husband enjoyed the story about the song and would love to hear it too!
Thank you Sandra Carlson, Mililani, O'ahu, Hawaii" ]
Mahalo for your nice thoughts & your request, Sandra.
Andy Cummings composed the legendary hapa haole classic tune, "Waikiki".
But Andy also wrote many songs promoting civic projects.
In 1947, Frank Judd (1915 - 1976), of the Honolulu Junior Chamber of Commerce petitioned Andy to write a song to promote the construction of the first vehicular traffic tunnel through the Ko'olau mountains.
Andy was asked to come up with a tune that would help increase public opinion in favor of the stalled tunnel project.
Andy's song, Puka In the Pali, urged Hawai'i's constituents to choose between Kalihi, Manoa, or Nu'uanu, to aid the windward O'ahu residents' commute to Honolulu via tunnel.
The song boosted the campaign towards success, and in 1957, the Nu'uanu Pali tunnel was completed.
When it was time to record the dittie, Andy enlisted his pal, Hilo Hattie, recently returned to Hawaii from her latest tour, to sing in front of Andy & his Hawaiian Serenaders.
The 1st tunnel eventually went through in Nu'uanu, followed three decades later by the tunnel through Kalihi.
So far, the public has blocked all attempts of a tunnel through Manoa.
(Want to learn more about Andy Cummings?
Check out the compact disc in our Territorial Store, "Andy Cummings, the Wandering Troubadour".)
Released on: 05-06-2009
Artist/Compiled by: Hilo Hattie with Andy Cummings & his Hawaiian Serenaders

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