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For three generations, the Soria men have been part of Hawaii’s airwaves.  There have been Sorias in island radio for most of its 90 plus years history. is an outgrowth of the Soria’s experiences as the “First Family of Hawaiian Radio”, and the ongoing mission to preserve and perpetuate Hawaiian Music.  Territorial Airwaves strives to be your source for the history of Hawaiian music.

For 40 consecutive years, Harry B. Soria, Jr. has hosted the weekly radio program, “Territorial Airwaves”, focusing on vintage Hawaiian music.  Harry B. shares a beguiling musical stroll back to the days of the Territory of Hawaii, playing historical 78, 33 1/3, and 45 RPM recordings and sharing anecdotes and trivia about Hawaii’s past.

The show has been broadcast on 1420 AM KCCN, Hawaiian 105 KINE FM, AM940 All Traditional Hawaiian All the Time,, and

“I guess I was born into radio,” said Harry B., the Soria family’s third-generation radio personality.

Harry B.’s grandfather, Harry G. Soria, the beloved “Dean of Hawaiian Radio”, had a long involvement with KGU Radio.  His father, Harry B. Soria, Sr., became known as the “Voice of Hawaii” during his radio career, which spanned the 1930’s through the 1950’s.

In 1990, Harry B. Soria, Jr was recognized by the Hawaii Visitors Bureau with one of their prestigious Kahili Awards at the 1st annual “Keep It Hawaii” luncheon.

Harry B. has also released over 25 compact discs on the Hana Ola label.  Each disc focuses on legendary performers and songs recorded in Hawaii, culled from Harry B.’s collection of over 10,000 vintage 78, 33, and 45 RPM Hawaiian records.  The Hawaii Academy of Recording Arts has recognized his work with a total of 8 Na Hoku Hanohano awards in the “Liner Notes of the Year” and “Anthology of the Year” categories.  Plus, Territorial Airwaves received the Krash Kealoha Lifetime Achievement Hoku Award in 2017.

Harry B.’s “Territorial Airwaves” audio specials are a feature of Hawaiian Airlines’ in-flight channel system.  Vignettes of “Territorial Airwaves” were also spotlighted in the 1997 Merrie Monarch Hula Festival television broadcast.  As the off-camera-announcer, Harry B. was known as the “Voice of Emme’s Island Moments” television specials. 

Harry B. emcees a full slate of events in Hawaii.  They range from corporate banquets, award ceremonies, roasts, auctions, fashion shows, and parades, to weddings and Hawaiian music concerts and hula shows.  Soria has also done television commercials, public service announcements, concerts, and documentaries.  He has also co-hosted numerous live, on-location, radio broadcasts.  Harry B. has emceed Hawaiian concerts three times at Carnegie Hall in New York City, and regularly emcees Hawaiian music concerts and hula festivals in Japan.

When asked to describe the youngest Soria’s familiarity with a microphone, American radio legend Ron Jacobs said simply, “Harry B. could emcee a moped wreck, and make it memorable.”

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